Logan vs Mayweather. Fight Was Trash ๐Ÿ—‘

Rumors have circulated that Mayweather wasn’t supposed to knock out Logan during the match according to some alleged contract that was signed. We all saw the part where Mayweather did in fact gave Logan a devastating blow (pause) to the head where Mayweather had to hold Logan up to keep the match going.

For anyone who paid to watch the fight I feel sorry for you because I know deep inside you’re hurting. To watch a match where there was no real suspense aside from Logan wailing like a madman while Mayweather was blocking the punches. It’s a damn shame if I might add that troll (Logan) actually made it to the point where he was able to fight one of the greatest boxing champions of the world.

Oh how the people who cared to watch were angry at this marketing fest to promote and help with these companies seeking for the eyes of the public. “Another money grab for money grab Mayweather ” some people were saying. Other memes have sprouted out the woodworks to demonstrate their disappointment with the match. Just like the Mike Tyson match it was hot garbage.

The media is going with the story that they were surprised that Logan was able to last the full 8 rounds and that Mayweather being in his 40’s still had it in him, but we all know that’s just propaganda.ย  In any case people across Twitter and Instagram have made it known that watching these types of events isn’t worth the money to be put into it because to the people it’s either scripted or a farce.

I wonder what’s next on “their” agenda when it comes to the next scheme? What other works are they cooking up their sleeves? Stay tuned.

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