Joe Biden Reallocates $2.2 Billion From The Trump Border Wall Funds Towards Military Projects 😡

This in my opinion is disgusting. This guy Biden said on The Breakfast Club that “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” (I’m paraphrasing). I am going to assume (yes it may be wrong to assume) that blacks who may have voted for this man may have saw some form of reparations or some former of incentive attached along with having him in office.

For decades blacks have been waiting for reparations and TO THIS DAY NONE HAS BEEN RECEIVED. When will that day come? Will it ever come?

Now….Donald Trump put $2.2 billion towards the building of the wall and ever since Biden took over the presidential position, obviously things have been different.

Biden plans on distributing these funds towards the following:

1. $10 million for the Missile Field Expansion at Fort Greely in Alaska

2. $25 million for the 2nd Radio Battalion Complex in North Carolina.

3. $79 million for Spangdahlem Elementary School for U.S. Military Children in Germany.

4. Over $25 million for the Fire/Crash Rescue Station at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida

5. $9 million for a Small Arms Range in Indiana, which is needed to enhance readiness of the Air Guard unit through marksmanship training.

They completed 400 miles of the border wall being built, but the majority of the wall is on barriers.

All of this money being spent on this unnecessary damn wall and all this other bullshit convincing people the money they spend on things is needed, but reparations isn’t even a discussion? Wtf????? Why is it that they always to bypass this subject?

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