Da Baby Cancelled Due To Freedom Of Speech and The Apologized? Wowzerz 🤦

Clearly freedom of speech comes with a price. Take Da Baby for example. He has an opinion and it may not be something some people are not in agreement with, but he doesn’t rock with gay people and that’s his right. Some people don’t like black people, some don’t like ice cream, some don’t like the government and that’s ok……RIGHT???

He said in his concert “fellas, if you ain’t sucking dick in the parking lot then put your lighters up” and it appears that the gay community along with some others got angry and action took place real fast. As a result his Twitter account apparently went out the window, but after checking it out for myself it’s still up.

What’s a disappointment for me though is his apology. I hate it when someone says something and they meant it, they come back around and apologize which I find is some bullshit. I haven’t heard of anyone of these people who actually stood 10 toes down on the things they say. When the pressure is on they fold 💯 percent of the time which is a damn shame.

My thing is, if someone has something to say about whatever just let them be – it’s their opinion. It may be offensive, but does it really effect your day because of the WORDS they say?

I don’t understand that’s all.

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