About Edmund DaGeneral

I started off by making beats and linked with my boy Al Bundy who has been a great support and best friend since 2013. I made the beats, while Bundy rapped on them until he requested for me to jump on the tracks with him. We decided to make music that revolves around our lives and what we did and still do as our lifestyle and created a genre called “Reality Music” which encompasses real life situations.


We made a duo album called “Undefined” Throwback Tracks” with hit single “She Sucks On My Dick” and “She Cried” which became the beginning of our rap career as partners and to date we both are still writing. As of 2014, I made my first solo album called “My Week: Da Album” with Al Bundy as a feature on a couple tracks.

edmund dageneral da week da album

One big hit off that album was “HTC One M8 (eX-Friend)” and my favorite Late Night Creep (Sunday Night). Men Like Us (LUST) was a real hit for the ladies, but the album as a whole did not put up big numbers.

As of 2015, I dropped an LP called “Battling With My Inner Thoughts” where you can tell by the mood of the LP, I was in a real interesting predicament at that time when writing those songs. PicsArt_1432481272482Songs such as “I’m Broke” was a smash hit and hit the radio took a hold of it. “Unsettled Thoughts” was another banger and it had won an award out in L.A. based on the content of the song.

edmund dageneral my thought process is strategicIn 2016, I released a solo album called “My Thought Process Is Strategic…Contradictions” which embodies what rap music is missing. All beats were produced by Edmund DaGeneral. “ChopChop (The Prayer)” is one of the most influencial songs on the album. “Watch Your Best Friend – The Warning” is another cult classic which is smashing views to date on youtube. 2017 will be another album release so stay tuned.
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If you have your own set of thoughts, send me a shout at edmunddageneral@yahoo.com



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