Men Like Us (Lust) – Interlude

Men Like Us


It has become evident as time goes on that family time is something people are putting on the back burner. The norm is simply going out, having fun with your friends and just living life to the fullest….fuck everybody right? I’m just going by the people whom I’ve randomly selected to ask questions about their views on life, love, family and other things that would seem important to them. I found that for the most part, a lot of people; both men and women are not really into raising a family, not into dating, just one night stands. A handful is simply about making money and saying screw the rest because it’s all about self. Now I can’t tell you what you should from what you should be doing. There is no manual that gives us instructions on how we should live our lives because everyone has their own prerogative.

What about the people who are in relationships though? What about the couples who do have children, have to balance school, work, wife, children….how do they manage to keep it all together and be at ease? This can be challenging, but through time management, you can be at ease with all of these factors that come into place. This is the challenge that Men Like Us (Me lol) have to deal with on a regular basis. There is not a lot of men like me who exist in this society. Men who actually lust for their partner, wife, whatever you refer to the person you love the most; take time (a good chunk of your time) spending time with the kids and handling work too. IT’S HARD WORK, but someone’s gotta do it right?

This song is simply revolving around Men Like Us who are true to themselves and their family. Make family your #1 PRIORITY. Eat together, stay together, turn off the TV and talk together, go out, take the wife out, make her feel special every single day, pretend that you guys started dating for the first time to keep things alive. Love one another unconditionally.

The song is dedicated to the one and only #Cookie who’s held it down from the very beginning.

Hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed creating it.



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2 thoughts on “Men Like Us (Lust) – Interlude

  1. Great track Edmund. Travelling in Europe at moment. …enjoying the music…back on 15th …blessings …


    1. Thank you as always for the support and glad you are enjoying the music. I wish you enjoy your trip and you make it back home safely. 🙂


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