Elements Of The Mind – Saturday Morning


Elements Of The Mind – Saturday Morning

For some of us, Saturday is considered a day of rest, peace, a day off to most. To others, it can simply be just another day of the week. For me, its a time to finally spend time with the family, do chores, meditate on what we as a family can do together so we can see progression.  It is a time for each of us (elements) to come together and formulate the next steps on our journey together so that we can pave the way for the offspring to go throughout life without the same worries that we have gone through.


There are about 3 types of elements that I constitute in this song; Images: The elements of ideas, Affections: Elements of emotions and Sensations: Elements of perceptions. By following this train of thinking, you will notice all thoughts were images and have been constructed through video.

Pay attention to the words; let it uplift your soul. Allow it to open your heart fully and hopefully you will tell a friend, who will tell a friend and so on.

I hope you enjoy your day.


Edmund DaGeneral


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