Battling With My Inner Thoughts (Da LP)


Battling With My Inner Thoughts

It’s a constant struggle trying to stay consistent when it comes to thinking “happy thoughts”. Trying to remain positive in a world where it is driven by evil, lust, greed…the list goes on is hard. How does one stay focused on looking at the brighter side of things. I have to admit that the more I see things moving in society today, it can only mean that the world is destined to burn in flames.

Is there a higher power? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Is there something to look forward to after death?  What is stopping me from turning the other cheek if someone does me or my family harm? Is it worth going on? I have so many questions, so many things going through my mind and the only way to put my mind at ease is through song.

This LP is simply more of my thoughts put to pen and spoken through music. The upcoming album that will be coming shortly will be the living testament that the “people” (general public/whoever listens to these tracks) would need to listen to as it speaks nothing but the truth…..the harsh truth. I call my genre “Reality Music”.




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