Mint Vine Works: My Work from home experiment

So it all started off with one of my friends telling me about this site “Lines-News” that generates money so easily that even a baby can do it lol. I was like; this is some bullshit because there is no way this can be real because if it was, then everyone would be doing it.  He said he was almost at the threshold; the payout amount. (By the way, you can only cash out Stress-2at $2300 and it can be directly deposited into your paypal account…at least that’s what it says).

He encouraged me to try it out so I did. I signed up started away; reading news articles that were nothing more than 1 sentence long. After reading the sentence you would answer a math equation and you would see an increase in your balance. Now I did this for a while during breaks and lunches as the articles would be updated several times during the day. I got a few people to join so the balance starting skyrocketing to a point where I surpassed $2300 twice. Checked out twice and it says that if you cash out, you get paid after 2 weeks.  It’s been over a month and some change and nothing has been deposited in my account lol.

stress-free-professional-lifeWhat a waste of time. I had to cuss off my friend and tell him where to put it, but it taught me something that I  knew all along; DO MY RESEARCH. It was my friend so I didn’t think of doing all of that because I trusted him, but I wasted my time on something pointless that I could have been putting a little bit more time into the beats I was makin
g for my clients. I get pissed off sometimes just thinking about it.

So I decided from that day to never attempt anything like that again and continue to make my money MY WAY. Interestingly enough, I stumbled across this link:

Click Here which changed my view about working at home.

I always would see ads about making money doing surveys, but you would have to pay to get paid which didn’t make any sense to me at all. THIS ONE though was the real deal. I read the terms and conditions, I watched the YouTube reviews, I read the ads online and they all proved that this site was legit.  I proceeded to register which was free and started away at filling out surveys. They didn’t take that long and slowly but surely I was earning a large amount of points. After you earn so many points you can cash out and watch it get deposited into your paypal account in a matter of 24-72 hours. If you want gift cards, you can choose that option as well; they got gap, ebay, banana republic, etc. I like cash so cash is my option to date.

a computer flat screen monitor with money

After filling out surveys on breaks, lunches and when I have a few minutes to kill, I would start working away on these surveys and recommended this link to several people. IT IS AMAZING; the money started rolling in slowly, but surely. I have it on automatic deposit so whenever it gets to a certain amount, It cashes out for me.

I recommend this link Click Here to anyone and everyone who is looking to make extra cash or would be interested in doing online shopping. This worked for me and it would certainly work for you. Don’t be fooled by these other gimmicks out there.

If anyone out there has any sites where you can make money from home, let me know and I’ll be sure to give it a test run and comment on it.

Have a great day everyone.




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