Funkmaster Flex Instagram Rant



I just finished watching the rant Flex put up and I have to say I thought it was straight bullshit.  I believe many people who have seen the video would agree that he was lying about the events that happened and most of the things mentioned were irrelevant. Let’s be clear, Biggie was killed to hurt Puffy…..I need to say this again – Biggie was killed to hurt puffy. 2Pac shot himself once and the remaining shots got him by the culprit. (No need to elaborate about that one) Pac was paranoid as hell when it came to his life because he knew who was after him…or at least he believed he knew.

Tip for success: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Take heed to advice when it’s given to you. Biggie warned Pac about his entourage.

Knowing the facts that Flex was talking shit and him being rightfully checked by T.I., do you think it would be wise to get rid of him? I say no. Honestly, as desperate as he is for ratings, attention and traffic drawn to his network, we need people like him. If he goes, who else are we going to complain about 😂. We need the bad guy, we need the dirt bag who always starts trouble because it is embedded within us to be drawn to drama….ALL OF US. Am I wrong? 50 cent was the bad guy for so long and is still considered to be by many. He’s the bully, the egotistical goof, blah blah blah. Me I like 50 cent and follow his strategies, his teachings and it’s very strategic. Without 50, the game wouldn’t have been the same. Just like Funkmaster Flex…he’s been doing this for 40 years and is still relevant to date. He’s doing what is necessary to stay relevant like how we see everyone else from instagram hoes/escort honeys, drama queens/kings and so on. Nowadays doing stupid outrageous things drives attention and with that you can capitalize on it and we just have to accept it.

I’m just going to end this saying Funk Flex shouldn’t have lied about the biggie and Pac situation…should have kept it 💯.




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