JC vs Chef Trez

After watching this battle, I swear that boy JC raised the bar to another level. It was a clear 3-0 for JC against Chef. I swear it was just Haymaker after Haymaker for JC to the point after round 1 it was all over for the Chef.  Don’t get it twisted though …. Chef has some bars as well, and can really come back with those rebuttals, but in comparison to JC …..GEEZZZZ Chef had no chance. You can tell in his face and body language throughout the entire battle that he knew he lost.

I couldnt help to notice that even Smack was really feeling JC spitting and I swear all he was thinking was “this is gonna be a classic”. All that money coming through lol. I don’t know what else to say but after watching this battle, it’s hard to listen to these 4 setup bar rappers. It’s to the point where it’s getting annoying and it’s all JC’s fault lol. He officially ruined it for me as he opened our minds to what rap battles should be like and not just battling, but in our music ourselves. It’s time to step our game up and follow suit or shit just gets too boring and predictable.

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