Queenzflip Tells Edmund DaGeneral To PULL UP On Da Callers Show

I’m a big fan of the channel and a big fan of Queenzflip period. I enjoy SOME of the characters on the show like King Face, Ebokk, Presents, Lansky and the new addition Eboné just to name a few (I like more but those are my top candidates.)

If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel you would know that I do reviews and whatever and whenever I feel like and on a number of occasions I’ve addressed Da Callers Show on what I have observed. Once in a blue moon I’ll add something to my SoundCloud page and it so happened that I added a few of my blogs there involving Queenzflip show “Da Callers”.

Keep in mind I got nothing but love for Flip and bro I think you jumped the gun at the beginning LMFAO, but as you continued to listen I saw you gave me respect so big shoutout to you fam. I’m not the type of person who will disrespect someone in unless they deserve it. Some people try to throw rocks at me, but then I look at their mental condition and I just ignore them because it’s simply a waste of my time and energy to go at them – they’re just not worth my response.

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