Jay-Z Sued By Daniel Franco Over Brain Injuries

Daniel Franco sues Jay-Z for brain injuries for taking 3 fights in 79 days. Franco claims that back in March 2017 his issues started when he came up with a bad case of flu which slowed down his training for 3 weeks.

Franco pleaded to cancel so he could recover, but Roc Nation insisted on continuing with the fight. He was scheduled for another fight a month later where he lost in his 3rd round due to lack of recovery.

On May 12 Roc Nation scheduled another fight for Franco to attend which is indeed ludicrous. Daniel goes on to say that Roc Nation failed to ensure that he was medically fit to fight and after going through much turmoil without enough time to recover he has suffered 2 skull fractures and a brain bleed.

Daniel has been diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and unfortunately went into a coma. Doctors had to remove some of the skull fragments to relieve the pressure from bleeding.

2 weeks later Daniel woke up from his coma and still has neurological issues and as a result has been subjected to wearing a helmet at all times to protect his skull/brain.

In Daniels lawsuit against Roc Nation, it states that they had a duty to protect him.

We’ll see what happens.

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