CBD vs THC For Dummies

I’ve been receiving requests to do a simple breakdown of the difference between THC vs CBD so I decided to make it as simple as possible for anyone out there who is interested in doing either or.

For starters, both CBD and THC are cannabinoids.

If you are looking to control pain, inflammation, anxiety, help with sleep, improve your heart rate, weight loss and chronic conditions including cancer your best selection would be CBD. It is oil based can come in a bottle and use as an oral supplement or as a spray depending on the strain to use for sexual pleasure. It won’t give you a high or any euphoric feeling that might make the average joe uncomfortable, paranoid or have scattered thoughts.

There are strain levels of CBD that can get you that high: ACDC, Charlotte’s Web, Ringo’s Gift, Harle-Tsu and Harlequin.

If you are looking to get high and get that euphoric feeling, THC would be your selection. Most people use it in their vape pens or vape mods that are specifically for either the dry weed buds or THC oil.

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