Rashon Khan Says Paul Mooney Had Sex With Richard Pryor Jr When Son Was In His 20’s

For some reason this story has been surfacing the internet and taking the world by storm. For along as we ave known, the relationship between Paul Mooney and Richard Pryor has been nothing but great. The roasting that Richard Pryor did for Paul Mooney made me think that they were probably more than just friends, but that’s just looking at it through my eyes….could be something else I wouldn’t know.

In any case Rashon Khan in an interview that was recently done spills the beans that Paul Mooney had Sex with Richard Pryor Jr and it doesn’t stop there. He goes on to say that when Richard Pryor found out he put a hit on Mooney for $1 million dollars. Seems like whoever took up the contract failed miserably at their job.

If this is true or not it is safe to say that parents should never entrust anyone….I mean ANYONE around your children. You can’t trust family, nor your friends because they may watch your children in an in inappropriate way and may even goes as far trying to have sex with them as well. The ones who are so interested in your children that they want them over for sleepovers, dates, whatever…..you can never know ones true motive about your children.

Paul Mooney denies that he did and Richard Pryor Jr. hasn’t said a word so we’ll see what happens jn the near future.

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