Pop Smoke | Dead At The Age Of 20

I’ve been listening to Pop Smoke recently and was blown away by not only his voice, but the energy he brought to the rap game. From his UK Drill type beats to the content he portrayed to the new style took me to downloading as much music from his as I could.

First song that I was addicted to and haven’t been in a long time in the music game was “Welcome To The Party”. Never heard anyone start off a track like that and the beat was BANGING. From that moment I jumped to two more of my favorites “Flexing” and “Scenario” (find these tracks on MEET THE WOO mixtape).

Today I got a text from cookie telling me that he was murdered and I just didn’t want to accept it. First thing I went to just so I can confirm if this was true was youtube and lo and behold TMZ was first on the search list saying that YES he was murdered. My heart fell to the floor and as I watched that video to another and another I just kept telling myself “this is bullshit! he just came out not too long ago”.

Pop Smoke apparently at his rented house with a number of his “friends” when around 4 – 6 (no confirmation from the police yet) men broke into the house and the only person who was killed was Pop Smoke.

NOW….how is it that he was the only one taken out and no one else? Why was he the only one targeted? To me….it feels like it was someone real close to him that set him up. 50 Cent said it better when he posted a picture of Pop Smoke on his IG “No such thing as success without jealousy. Treachery comes from those who are close. RIP”.

He couldn’t have said it any better. Someone in his camp I believe was straight hating from some reason that we will never know and decided to take him out at 4am this morning. TMZ had the nerve of posting Pop Smoke coming out of his home trying to …… just watch the video and see for yourself. I just find it tasteless to even continue with what I was going to say.

Pop Smoke was a legend in the making and it is very sad to actually see this man go at the age of 20. He had everyone in the music industry’s respects and you can tell by their words that they really wanted to see him grow as an artist. I just hope that his family comes out and says a few words publicly because I know the world is patiently waiting.

R.I.P. Pop Smoke

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