Let Young Buck Be Gay In Peace

It’s safe to say that Young Buck will never have his name ever again associated with “heterosexual” behind it (pause). His name will forever be held with Tranny lover or simply for being gay.

From being caught on camera getting swallowed by a Transgender, being secretly recorded via audio paying off a Transgender to remove a video to watching gay videos (see picture below of his Twitter feed):

Me personally I don’t care that he does have gay tendencies and that his rap persona might be fake….all I care about was the music he was making.

When it was first announced about him being gay I wasn’t surprised because it’s clear as day that most of the rappers in the music industry are gay and I could care less. My issue with these rappers and music entertainers from Diddy to Trey Songs, Tyga, Usher….the list goes on my thing is to just come out already.

In addition, who gives a shit if these clowns are gay anyway just let them live in their peace. I thought the world is all for equality for others , but when you find out these celebs are gay why do yawl make fun of them?

Leave Young Buck alone and let him live his gay life. Let those other celebs that we know that are gay let them be and I’m sure one day they’ll openly admit it. I was disappointed in Young Bucks denial of being gay though…..there was no reason when he’s been caught red handed on several occasions….just come out and we’ll just forget about it in a week.

Listen to this pathetic denial by Young Buck:

He recently removed his Twitter like from his Twitter account, but it’s too late bruh…we already got the pic right here. Anyways….let this man be and let him live his lifestyle – it’s not for any of us to judge.

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