Poo’ N Space | “Can You Imagine Waking Up Next To Lil’ Kim In The Morning?” ๐Ÿ˜†

Been traveling around these YouTube streets and stumbled across this channel Poo’ N Space . I’ve seen one of the the hosts on the left (in the video) Shampoo from “Da Callers” and also from the Queenzflip show as well. He also has his own channel called “Ask Shampoo”.

In my opinion I would have to say this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen on YouTube. I would put this show WAY WAY over Joe Budden podcast and I like that show as well, but if you were to put it head to head, Poo’N Space show would be my first choice.

I find Shampoo very hilarious, entertaining and always have you wanting more. Other host on the right is Space Ghost and I believe he’s a videographer or something within that ballpark (don’t quote me on that), but his editing on the videos he does for many people in his circles are great. Space Ghost being there adds a different opinion on things and isn’t one of those “yes men” who agrees on anything which is perfect.

In this video the question was brought up “can you imagine waking up next to lil Kim in the morning?”. I for one wouldn’t date someone like that especially when she’s all plastic. The Kim from back in the days hell yeah because it was all natural and the face was cute, but as the years go by and the surgeries that she’s been going through its pathetic to look at….scary at best so to roll over in the morning and look at someone like that especially without no makeup – God damn that would be scary af.

Listen to what Poo’N Space had to say:

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