Interracial Relationship Question: Would You Leave Your Partner If They Couldn’t Sympathize With Black Political Issues?

There’s been a war against blacks for eons and the Rodney King beating was the initiation point in history to inform black people that we can beat you down and the most we’ll get is fired with pay. Bad enough they put their dogs, cats or animals above black people you would think that we would get the message by now right? George Zimmerman was another clown who got away and now George Floyd has been added to the list when the cop killed him by forcing his knee to the back of his neck. The news will lie and say he died later on at the hospital, but the people are waking up to the bullshit the news spews.

Now with that being said the question is being asked: if you are in an interracial relationship (black and white couple) and your white partner isn’t able to sympathize with you about black political issues or injustices, would you LEAVE THEM OR would you be a coward or what black people consider someone in that position a coon and stay in that relationship? This is a serious question and people who have never been in this type of relationship would like to know…..just like myself because if it was me and my white wife or girlfriend wasn’t able to do so, I’m getting a divorce or breaking up with her…….STRAIGHT.

What would you do?

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