Starbucks Loves The Gays And Hates The Blacks

Starbucks encourages their employees to wear LGBTQ pins (don’t know if I’m missing any letters) for pride month every June, but when it came to BLM (Black Lives Matters), Starbucks was quickly against having anyone wear any accessories, shirts or anything to show support.

Believe me when I tell you this: there is no need to boycott this company because we don’t go in there anyway. If I’m pushing by and need to use the bathroom quickly then for sure I’ll pop in if it’s in the area, but if not I really could care less… But who knows they might kick me out, tell me no or call the cops on me or any other black person out there ..I wouldn’t know….but I do remember in April 2018 there were two black men arrested in the Philadelphia store because they decided to have a meeting so who knows that they’d do now especially after this bullshit.

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