Toronto Police Gun Down Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry| Protesters Play “Fuck The Police” At Protest

The police is public enemy#1 worldwide. After we hear officers all over the world say they are simply doing their job and there are good cops here and there, the good in their organisation doesn’t seem to shine at all. The same way people label blacks savages and gangbangers or whatever they want to call black people there are good black people that exist too, but the media seems to shine on the negative right?

62 year old Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry is a Canadian citizen (background Pakistan) was gunned down by Toronto, Bolton police in his own apartment. These guys gunned this man down while Ahmed was having an episode (he suffered from schizophrenia and other medical conditions).

Police say Police responded to a distress call of a man not taking his medication and had access to weapons…..but how do they know that? Who told them that? Was it his family members? Ejaz barricades himself in his apartment. Police attempted to communicate with him through the door between 5pm to 8pm.

Ejaz then stopped communicating for about 15 mins whereas the police forcefully came through the door. The police first tased the 62 year old man, then they shot  plastic projectiles and finally shot him MULTIPLE TIMES with live bullets killing him dead.

There was a protest where the song “Fuck The Police” was played and the community blocked the intersection and demanded justice.

Looks like this is another “L” for the police. All that training and they still have alot of loose cannons working for them….

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