Is Your Child Ready 2 Go Back To School?

It’s almost back to school and the government is saying that the choice is yours as parents….will you be having your children return to school? Some schools are sending out emails to parent informing them that there is a deadline to pre-register your child/children to sign up or else you as the guardian will be “forced” to home school your children.

How will this effect the working father or mother during these times? It’s been a number of months now that parents are already teaching their children at home because of this covid-19 pandemic, but ever since the leash has been released a bit some people have been able to return to work.

I believe the working family will certainly take the risk of sending their children to school in order for their time to be freed to work rather than think about the safety of the kids. Think about it – once your child gets the virus they’re coming home to give it to you as the parent so … need to continue with that right?

How do you think your children will do when school begins? You think they’re ready academically or have they been playing games at home, watching tv and on the iPad all day watching tiktok? Lots of questions and I’m sure answers will vary depending on the individual, but seriously these times are tough especially when we have another strand of a virus that’s seeping around the corner that’s worse than covid-19.

I believe what should be done in times like these is to simply have school online – period. Live classes if need be, but to reduce the potential spread of the virus it would have to be contained and what better way than to keep the kids at home and have them either home schooled or via online school.

Hopefully you’re child isn’t like this one in this video 😆

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