Chip Master, Starry For Cash And Many More. Fake Make Money Apps. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!

Had some time and decided to test out a few apps in the meantime. Decided to go with Chip Master and Starry For Cash for starters. Went through the whole process of “playing” the games and unfortunately went through a bunch of ads.

Keep in mind, I’m occupied doing other things, but my finger would be on the trigger to hit that button to keep it pushing on the game while going about my day. I finally got to the end on both games whereas I was able to “cash out”.

Now; on Starry For Cash, I have about a day and a half left to “see the cash deposit” into my PayPal account. Guess what….nothing happened. This piece of shit app has it in “developer mode” on the Google play store so anyone that downloads it won’t be able to leave a review – only to the developer. I emailed and left the feedback and of course no response. Looked online and thousands of people feel the same way. This company needs to be shut down and others like it.

Chip Master is another piece of shit app that gives non stop ads as well. Again – I went through the whole process of the ad watching to accomplishing the 2 requirements which is watching a boat load of other ads (again there’s a technique to it) and finally came to the cashout and what happened? NOTHING.

There are many people out here who are looking to make some quick money and what a better way than playing a game while you do so. There are apps that will pay you and I can give a list, but that’s for another day but the company attached to Starry and Chip Master who also created multiple games needs to be put to sleep and eradicated permanently.

Check out the video below of an example of the bullshit that I went through and with no avail was unsuccessful in getting paid.


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