Jeremiah Bledsoe Receives The Hershey Heartwarming Hero Award For SupportingThe Elderly

Jeremiah Bledsoe is Junior at Nolan Catholic High School in Ft. Worth, Texas.  He has recently received the Hershey Heartwarming Hero Award supporting the elderly. For 10 years he’s been visiting nursing homes and also donating various things to these elderly residences.

Hershey and Youth Service America support youth that are looking to make change and Jeremiah was that individual was had been selected as a hero. For his initiative,  he received funding to support his community. 

Why was it his mission to focus on the elderly? His response was “The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals help us to identify global issues. I selected SDG 3: Health because we are living during a global pandemic and we cannot leave our elders behind.”

The YSA awards up to $50,000 in grants for youth-led service projects and community-building activities. Jeremiah fits this bill indefinitely and it seems as if he will not stop there.  His next mission is to develop solutions for problems that are in society.

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