How Black People Can Come Together | The Solution

I’m tired… I’m tired of going online and listening to my Black people bicker and babble about how Black people say (our own people) they say that we can’t work with each other,  blacks ain’t shit, you can’t trust Black people,  you can never hire Black people and the list goes on.  It’s a bunch of bullshit and no one is talking about solutions to change the narrative.

If we keep saying these things about each other,  how do you expect for other races to respect us? People get treated the way they want to be treated and on too goddamn many accounts its clear that we as Black people have no respect for each other so I don’t get surprised when I see other blacks being treated with no respect,  no love,  looked at as if we cannot be trusted and so on because we say these things about ourselves.

Another gripe I have is when black people don’t like it when they hear other races use the word nigga. I listen to allot of Americans who are black especially online and nigga is a part of their vocabulary. Look at youtube – they honor the word nigga and will cancel everything else out. They will demonitize your account for everything else like bringing up your perspective on covid, alternate cures for ailments, cancer and so forth. What’s crazy is that they don’t and won’t cancel out the words nigga because blacks are ok with saying it. As I said it’s a part of their everyday vocabulary  and you can hear it all in the music being played, the movies, the interactions we have with each other …… it’s just despicable.

I am certainly not going to give more disgusting sayings that black people have for ourselves because me just giving this information alone is exposing allot of the internal issues that we have as a so called community.  Can you believe this? WE DON’T HAVE A BLACK LEADER.  Why don’t we have a black leader? Because unfortunately we will destroy them from within. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are prime examples of this.

Too much hate,  too much pride,  too much ego, jealousy diddly….this is a damn shame. All these people you see money grabbing media heads claiming they are for the black community do not represent black people – LET’S BE CLEAR…. I’m still tripping on the fact that we don’t have a black person who represents our community….. wow. 

So how do we as blacks come together as a people…. unite?

  1. Set your pride aside and listen before you speak.  This shit about speaking with passion when you raise your voice to get your point across is garbage.  Cut that out.  We all know how to use our inside voices.  If you’re incapable of getting your point across without raising your voice, barking or name calling them you need to practice in the mirror until you are ready to speak to another black in society.  I can’t stress that a civilized conversation and open communication can go  a long way.
  2. Stop saying the word nigga.  You can’t help the fact that people from other races are listening to you, the music and their surroundings. If people see how you communicate with each other they will mirror it. It’s not a secret that people’s approach on how they speak amongst each other is based off on how they see you treat and speak to one another.  If it means to ban the music and change it to something positive,  then so be it… throw it all away.
  3. Remove the blacks that are not for unification. We need room for progress and not for those who will keep us behind and taint our reputation. 
  4. Show respect for each other. Remember change starts from home.  If we learn to have respect for each other that will flow throughout the rest of our people.
  5. Remove gang, gun, violent music. The influence on the weak minded is at an all time high. Generational stupidity can be attached to the music being played.  A lot of idiots think this music is cool and the pandemic of idiocy is reigning throughout the streets of America and throughout the world when it comes to the lyrics being said.  To me,  throw all that music in the garbage. 
  6. Create more black owned stores,  banks,  jobs,  etc.  Movie stars,  activists,  athletes who are black have the ability to do this. Why not pool together and start building? The successful blacks can actually put these things in motion.  They have the ability to do these things and provide jobs for other blacks where the money will circulate among us and would have no need for anyone else. Asians hire Asians,  jews hire jews so blacks can start hiring blacks right?
  7. Throw away those people claiming they are for the people/ community but are selective on who they should support. We know that it’s all a money grab for those who are in it now.  I’m not speaking about all, just the obvious ones who will remain nameless…. you’re smart you see it. Throw them all away and start fresh from the beginning with new faces and who will cover everything that comes their way and ACTUALLY MAKE A CHANGE. 
  8. Eliminate the hate between black males and females.  This black manosphere and this battle that I hear towards each other needs to stop.  WE NEED EACH OTHER.  Black women want a man who will provide, thoughtful,  understanding, willing to listen and have discussions and don’t forget security.  Black men want a woman who is supportive,  understanding,  gets pussy on a regular, can cook, clean and take care of the kids.  These things are simple, but for some reason people online are acting like these are difficult to do.  STOP SPEWING HATE against each other.  Both parties just listen to each other and link up with the person that suits you.  No more generalizing making blanket statements.  Everyone is different so respect that.
  9. Stop having kids out of wedlock or at LEAST in a setting where the father or mother is not interested in taking care of their child(dren). No need to go into the “single moms this” or the “dead beat father” thing because both parties committed to having sex.   I believe there needs to be a few ground rules before engaging in case there would be an accidental child in the future.  Talk it out especially if it’s a one night stand situation.  Sounds stupid? How? You’re about to have sex with a rando or someone you have probably been involved with for quite some time so why not have that discussion about an accidental child? It needs to be discussed and a written contract needs to be drawn out in case of one party cowardly backs out.
  10. Quit being jealous of what the next person is doing
  11. Learn your history. Never forget the crimes made against us black people.  Never forget the horrors that have come our way.  Never forget the police harassments nor the thoughtless killings,  attacks,  or even slavery that befell upon us.  Doesn’t mean we need to contain that hate,  but to wire it into bettering ourselves and to our fellow blacks around us as well.   Knowing this would shape our future. 

These things are what I believe could be the answers/ solutions to the majority of our problems within our own community.  We need solutions to be a better person, to be a better community. Everything starts from home and because our homes are currently dirty,  races from all over won’t have respect for it.  They’ll walk in with their shoes on,  throw things on the ground and treat us the host like shit because we don’t care about our own place.   Once we clean house and things look presentable well, the respect factor comes into place.

Just my opinion

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  1. Excellent essay and powerfully put with good arguments.


  2. I call it as I see it.

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