FINA Bans Soul Cap From Swimming Competitions.

I’ve read a few articles about this situation and I believe this will draw a lot of attention to a lot of people who are both not aware of swimming as a sport and for those already involved.

Take a look at what their design looks like. Black people wear their hair in either braids, dreadlocks and other various ways. FINA says that the way how Soul Cap has their caps designed “doesn’t follow the form of the head” which I actually have to agree with.

Honestly..I’ve seen a bunch of swimming competitions and I swim myself.  I do see the advantages of wearing one that actually fits snuggly against your head. To me, Soul Cap’s design does in fact look like a shower cap or something you’d see SOME black women wear before going to bed or at the hair salon. (That’s just my opinion).

I see what Soul Cap is doing…..they are trying to be included and they are getting the attention they are looking for (again my opinion) and attempt to give black swimmers something they are more comfortable with using while swimming based off the hair styles that they may have. I believe that this was a bad move. I’m not too sure about how good this design is when it comes to it sticking on the head while swimming because the objective of having the cap on is to help with the flow of water as you swim through it. Its also a way to keep your hair from obstructing your vision as you tread forward.

Soul Cap was created in 2017 by Toks Ahmed and Michael Chapman. They  provided over 40,000 swim caps to swimmers on a global scale. Their inspiration to make bigger caps was based off a black woman who had an afro steuggle to put on her Cap so they decided on trying to make on for people with that hair type. Their goal is to increase diversity in swimming and I believe that’s a wonderful thing.

It’s clear that swimming as a sport is dominated by other races and you rarely would see any black people competing. I always hear this joke within the so called black community on how blacks can’t swim and or black woman don’t go In the water because of their hair….this is a goddamn shame.

Soul Cap will certainly get the attention of the so called black community and I can see it now — They’ll be protests and and uproar and try to force industry’s hand into accepting this Cap and might even go as far as the denial being based off race. But is this racist? Is their reasoning to say that the cap isn’t fitting enough being racist? Lol I’m probably a coon for laughing, but this by far to me doesn’t seem racist at all and I am a black man. I’m just looking at this from a different standpoint. 

Here is what FINA had to say:

FINA is committed to ensuring that all aquatics athletes have access to appropriate swimwear for competition where this swimwear does not confer a competitive advantage. FINA is currently reviewing the situation with regards to “Soul Cap” and similar products, understanding the importance of inclusivity and representation. 

There is no restriction on “Soul Cap” swim caps for recreational and teaching purposes. FINA appreciates the efforts of “Soul Cap” and other suppliers to ensure everyone has the chance to enjoy the water. FINA will also speak with the manufacturer of the “Soul Cap” about utilising their products through the FINA Development Centres.

FINA expects to make its consideration of “Soul Cap” and similar products part of wider initiatives aimed at ensuring there are no barriers to participation in swimming, which is both a sport and a vital life skill".

The message that is being translated to blacks are that they are not

I understand we as Black people will look for ways to be included in many things that transpire whether it be in sports, entertainment, the office and so on, but I believe this has to stop soon – it’s making us look bad.

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