NutmegSpiced Storefront Bakery Fundraiser

NutmegSpiced Bakery is raising funds to open a storefront.

Donate Here

They are the first Grenadian bakery in Canada and to make this possible they are going to need everyone’s help. They already have a commercial kitchen where they are doing their business, but it seems they are taking things a step further and are looking to build a storefront where the general public can actually go in and purchase items face to face.

Grenada is a very proud and humble country. They are not the aggressive type, nor are they unapproachable, not at all boastful, they are not selfish and nor are they quick to cut your head off if things don’t go their way. They are more a laid back and kind hearted type of people. You would be able to easily tell the difference between them versus other islanders in the west indies.

In any case in my experience I’ve been around north america a bunch of times and it’s sad to say that I’ve never seen a Grenadian store or restaurant that lasted long in the business. It’s like once it lands, the next few months or a year later – they’re gone.

Jamaican stores on the other hand have been dominating the Caribbean food/restaurant industry and they do not show NO LOVE to other people from the west indies. I would go into their stores or restaurant and would never see anything related to Grenada which is a damn shame.

In my opinion Jamaica doesn’t seem to care or like Grenada and calls them “smallies” or small island people is what some people I’ve come across told me. You would think there would be some type of unity at least in the west indies, but nope…….there is still division amongst the islanders and clearly some islands just show NO LOVE to anyone but themselves. Fortunately throughout all the islands that I have visited, Grenada in my experience isn’t selfish nor are they a hateful type of people.

NutmegSpiced is (from what I’ve seen) the 1st Grenadian bakery to land in Ontario, much less Canada. I think they’ve been around for over a year now and I have to say their baked goods are DELICIOUS.

This is a major win within the Grenadian community and I feel that this should be strongly supported. I am tired of how quickly Grenadian stores come and go so fast and this by far is the longest I’ve seen a store thrive and flourish. NutmegSpiced had a huge interview and breakthrough through BlogTO which I believe boosted their awareness not only in Toronto, but throughout the entire world. I just hope this all works out.

I find inspiration from them and if I see an opportunity to show some support by showing awareness, spreading the news and/or contributing then I won’t pass up the opportunity to do so.

Might as well start here and help support a woman entrepreneur who is looking to make a change for the Grenadian community.

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