Shortage Of ECE Workers in the Thousands Ontario Government Says by 2026

The Canadian Press expects 14,700 new registered ECE’s will be needed and as of Monday workforce consultations within the childcare sector will be held.

In 2022, the wage was on average $18/hr with an increase of $1 per year up to $25. The Association Of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario are demanding a whopping $30/hr minimum. They make a good claim though….if people work for a company and the wage is pretty low, what makes you think anyone would want to stay at that position?

People who work at fast food restaurants making minimum wage don’t stay long unless they have aspirations of becoming an owner or a manager and the chances of that are slim. Working in a job where the minimum is $15-18 comes with a huge turnover and I am confident that the employers know and don’t care enough to actually want to keep people because there is someone always some kid out there looking for a job.

You think ECE Workers deserve startup $30/hr?

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