Woman Caught DoorDash Driver Eating Her Food. Driver Ignores Calls & Texts “I Want All That”

This clown actually thought that not responding to text messages, ignoring calls would have been his ticket out of eating free food. There are many doordash and ubereat drivers who run scams like these. The company definitely will refund the money, but this isn’t the point.

Imagine – you order your favorite dish, your mouth is watering and you’re craving for your fix to be dropped off in front of your door or in your hands and some dirtbag figured that he/she is hungry and what? The worst that will happen to them is a slap on the wrist and they get their fill off of your food request?

How can the drivers be accounted for these situations? I am glad that someone was able to catch someone in the act. There were people who actually felt bad for the culprit which I find absurd. Who is the victim in this video? The driver or the person who was waiting for their food?

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