Umar Johnson New Scam Alert | Busted Window?

I got to five it up to Umar Johnson for always delivering new scam ideas and using forced begging tactics to push black people into donating to causes where there is no end result. I’ve seen adverts where they set an objective, provided proof, showed the end results and went about their day.

Umar has repeatedly spoke about a pan African school being built and for years what has been the excuse for its no show? If it does open will the teachers be salaried? What’s the curriculum looking like? What is the money doing now from all those donations that have been made? Does anyone remember him flexing and being at the club?

Anyways, his newest scam is making a video the other day talking about someone throwing a rock at the building window and now he needs donations……WTF?

Why not take this to the insurance company? Look through the surveillance camera and bring it to the authorities so they can start an investigation. Not Umar Johnson. In his mind THIS was a great opportunity to start some fuckery and see if he can convince some idiots who won’t ask any questions before sending their hard earned money to someone who is not providing anything.

I’ve supported many causes and randos just because. I know this one that could use some attention and may drop that one day because I feel sorry for them.

Check out what this clown had to say

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