B.E.T. Stop Molesting Black People

Apparently BET has been around for a very long time. *PFFT* i could care less to research how long they have been in existence right now because that is besides the point. .  When i was first introduced to the name, much less the station BET, I swear it mean Black Educational Television.  I was told so much about the different kind of shows that they had, but the thing that actually had me going was that it was a black station.
I remember when they had BET news…like even though it was 30 minutes long, the people who watched BET all day long looked forward to that show.  Then suddenly, it disappeared.  Another thing , slowly but surely when it come to black history month, it wasn’t something they even had any focus on, it was and still is a simple brush off.  They mention it, but nothing major to show the appreciation that this is our month.  I can go on all day and night talking about the things that I despise about this station. So because I am not writing a book, I will shed some light about some of the things that bother me about this station, and if this is your first time hearing about BET then this is basically what you are in for.
The station  is all about music, talk shows like Wendy Williams, music awards, and reruns of old TV shows like The Parkers (which i will admit I love to watch).  One thing that bothers me is the fact that they butchered this show which I used to love watching when it was on SUN TV called The Game.  GEEZZZUSS! I was so disappointed to see what course of action took place when they moved the show to this station.  The Game used to give me this craving for more, but now…..its just plain boring (in my opinion).  It’s bad enough that this station is known for their exhausting long ass commercials, the abrupt interruptions of commercials that cut down which is supposed to be a half an hour show to a mere 10-15 minutes (and even with that estimation it could be less).
I just wish that this station would do something to uplift the black community instead of bringing us down.  This month is black history month. Talk more about our history cause lord knows we only got 1 month out of the 12 so loet’s try to make the best of it.  Put back on the news so that we can have something positive to watch at least for 30 minutes.  Let’s talk more about education because half of these kids that watch this station are illiterate or is lacking thereof.  Do something PLEASE about these commercials cause it’s annoying to be watching a show and then we are interrupted by a commercial.  Stop censoring the movies. Especially if it’s so late at night….the kids are asleep and if they are not, it’s the parent’s fault for not putting their children to sleep at a reasonable time.  Here is something interesting; they would show some ass and thongs in music videos, but they would sensor the word “ass” or “shit”. Like c’mon now…GET IT TOGETHER! If they are so sensitive about what they show, why don’t they do something about that.
All I am saying is that when I watch BET, the message I get from this station is that you can make it big as a music artist, a talk show host, a movie star or you can do it big in the movie industry.  I read the newspaper and they talk about crime that people commit. I watch talk shows and it’s embarrassing to see the way how black people act…no manner, no shame. If BET is the only station catered to black people or is supposed to represent black people as a whole, then we really need to make a change and fast.  They say people judge you by their first impression…so when people who are not black watch this station they will just assume that black people are all about being in the music, movie or sports industry.  They are living up to the stereotypes that happened way back in the slavery days when they looked at us as entertainers or athletes.  I am not saying that we are; we are business owners, we do go to school because for the most part we do care about our education.

This damn station is a misrepresentation of what most black people are.  It doesn’t surprise me that the black youth of today act the way they do now because there is no substance in what they are watching…..what do you think?

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