Do You Hate Valentine’s Day

Is it really Valentine’s day AGAIN? I swear this is just another way to spend your money on some bullshit that will probably get thrown in the closet to collect dust or to get thrown out again. Is this day really necessary?  The guy is expected to get the girl the card, take her out to dinner, go to a hotel,  do the rose petal thing and then hopefully get some good couchie. Nowadays you got some of these guys who’s trying to go to the extreme by showering the girl with a bunch of flowers at her workplace, sending a HUGE teddy bear which probably she might have to take home on the bus and be embarrassed by walking around with a huge object, but yet because we don’t wanna look like jack asses to the general public, our peers, we give in to this holiday and do get the girl whatever she desires.

We try to top what the next guy did for his girl. Doesn’t that stink? A Lot of people don’t really enjoy this day, especially the women because they probably just broke up with their boyfriend, or probably don’t really have a guy who they would like to consider their boyfriend..just some guy they hook up wit once in awhile, so the thought of Valentine’s Day is like an annoying mosquito in their ear cause they are gonna hear it throughout the day before, all throughout the day of, and the day after. Some girls get so jealous at the fact that they heard their girlfriend talk about what their man/husband got for them and they bring it to their house and ask their man “All you got me was this promise ring and a box of chocolates? My girlfriend Laquita got Flowers,  a necklace, bracelet, spa treatment, dinner, BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

If you are going to be all by yourself this valentine’s day, don’t worry about it. You will be fine….it”s just one day out of 365 that you will feel lonely, that nobody really wants you, unapreciated, dumped, feel like a loser, feel like you need someone to hold you, or in need for someone to dust off the cob webs under your skirt. Just go into bed, or take out that tub of ice cream and enjoy some quality time alone and ask yourself “Why am I alone?” Re-evaluate yourself and work on the things that you believe you need to improve to feel that love that everyone else around you is feelin’ so that next year you won’t have to feel like an idiot.

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