This post was written from a women’s prospective.  These are the things that women actually go through, think about and talk about amongst each other.  As usual, this is something that has been discussed with many people to get their views about this subject and here is something that one can read and learn what goes on inside of a woman’s head when the subject of Home Wreckers comes into play.
I’m I the only woman in the world that has no attraction to married men or men that are in relationships? Home Wreckers; they are the women who know that men are in committed relationship, but don’t care enough to stay away from them. Instead of going out and finding the qualities in that particular guy…..one that is SINGLE,  instead they prey on the one in a relationship. Most home wreckers are usually at the work place where your husband or boyfriend is is at most of his time. Most home wreckers try to make it seem as if their situation is different, but it really isn’t. They often come up with excuses like, “I didn’t know he was in a relationship” or “he told me he was getting a divorce” BULLSHIT!!!

Women have intuition and we often feel it in our guts that something isn’t right, but they put that feeling aside just to get hurt in the future. By definition: A girl, usually a jealous bitch, trying to break up a happy or sad relationship and she doesn’t give a crap about anything, but getting the guy for her own intentions and purposes. In some cases, the man will be having problems in his relationship, usually at that particular time with his girl or wife and the wrecker uses it to their advantage to break in.
It’s usually married or committed relationships where the woman has no success in getting and keeping her own man so she goes after one in a relationship. I’m not saying it’s 100% the women’s fault, but we all know how men are. Men know how women flock to them when they know they are in a committed relationship and they also understand how women can be each others enemies.

Home wreckers purposely maintain a love affair with someone in a committed relationship; this just shows how low that person views themselves.  She would spend all of her money to wine and dine him, pretty much do anything possible just to WIN. They are usually in DENIAL about what they are doing and almost never bring up the wives or girlfriends. She would say things like “he is a great guy” and that his woman doesn’t deserve him and he JUST happens to be married. Like its just bad timing or something, she starts imagining herself as his wife and making wedding plans, often becomes obsessed with him, his daily routines and home life. Eventually she becomes his booty call.  The man 9 times out of 10 would try to work it out with his wife because he knows deep down inside he will never respect the wrecker and the type of woman she is. They would rather share themselves with someone than find someone for themselves. A lot them think it’s a challenge and sometimes get an adrenaline rush just with the thought or the fact that they have someone’s man coming to them. Most men don’t view them very high, and that’s why a lot of them eventually go back to their wives and girlfriends. Stop fooling yourselves into thinking that you are better than the person they are with because the reality is, YOU ARE NOT… hence that’s why you are doing what you are doing.
For all the home wreckers out there please STOP what you are doing. You are not only disturbing happy families but you are creating bad KARMA for not only you but your loved ones. Please love yourself enough and believe you deserve better. There are too many men out there to try to win someone that is already committed. 90% of the time, he will never leave his wife for you. When two people come together, it takes a lot to break them up, especially when the bond and foundation is strong. In you, he remembers the great qualities he loves, adores, and cherishes in his wife.
It starts with US; if women are willing to do better in their every day lives, this world would be a better place. We as women have the power to change things. Do you find it weird that women ruin most marriages? It’s something to think about. KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!!


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  1. Us women only like a man who knows what he wants and if his wife cant satisfy him in certain areas of tbeir relationship, someone else has to


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