My Confession

I don’t trust no women.

My mom- maybe
My sister- a little bit
My niece- I don’t know
I ain’t tryna hear no relationships, I had a couple, that’s enough
I ain’t tryna hear nothin yo
Her name’s Theresa, sold sneakers couldn’t miss out
I’m kickin it, the same time, tryna get a discount
spoke for 2 minutes, a few hours up in it
Had me thinking marriage, already had the tux rented
Stains on the comforter, pull out and I would come in her
Hit her on her period, put a towel under her
Sprung, eventually I would place my tongue in her
Cooked my favourites and even take shits in front of her
Head in the taxis, picked up her maxis
She gassed me, I thought the sex was clearing up my acne
Its nasty, play fights shed catch a fit
She’d try to take it to far and try to grab my dick
I lost track of the cash that I spent from her
Birthdate was her ATM pin number
Sometimes I wonder, how on earth me and her was put together
I miss her alot, but her sister pussy better
He’s got a mistress, only hits it when he pays a visit
He’s got wifey, to raise his kids and who he’s gotta live with
He’s got a ho, but if she try to play his wife out
She gotta go, and dealin wit broads you never know.
Her name’s Ingrid, couldn’t speak good english
Tattoo of a penis between the cleavage
Strippin to help her save from minimum wage
But when she jumped, the tattoo would fuck her titties on stage
Her nickname gelatin, told niggas she was celibate
But that’s because the pussy she would sell-a-bit
Married this rich blind man named Sullivan
Take a hundred out his wallet, tell him 10
During sex, she would moan and scream
He couldn’t see, she was there reading magazines.
Sometimes freakin off, he was into violence
Loved pain, tied up, beat him with his blind stick
Wanted kids, but she was taking the pill
Plus he paid for all the bills for her to stay in Brazil
Thinkin its real, but ain’t it kinda odd
The same day he put her name in the will, the day he was killed
This girl Shirelle, Puerto Rican wit the long nails
Follow me all over town grabbing on my coat tail
I never hit it, cause her girlfriends she would go tell
Blowing up my phone, pager stayed on low cell
Sendin nasty e-mails, she was all on my dick
Scared to hit it cause those Spanish chicks fall in love quick
Got my name on her left tit, weird individual
All about residuals, straight phoetic material
She want to do a threesome, lick ’em so they each cum
Hon, I don’t put my tongue where you bleed from
Call you if I need some, chill and be calm
She wanted me to come by to meet her aunt and her mom
‘Bout an hour and a half, I came through to the spot
We at the dinner table takin Henessy shots
Since her moms was lookin good I had to throw on the charm
The next morning she woke up wit my dick in her palm.


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