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What is your fantasy? Well, maybe I shouldn’t go too far with that question, but really…what is it that you’ve always wanted, or you’ve seen just the other day and you “pictured” yourself owning it? Was it a bracelet? A new television? How about a new job? Well guess what…there is a way that you can actually get almost every and anything you desire, but it simply requires a few things in order for you to either accomplish the goals you are seeking, or simply get the things you desire. What is it you ask?

Well one thing is for sure is that a GREAT part of it is through the power of prayer. YES PRAYER.  I am a strong believer in praying for almost every and anything that I ever wanted or was simply thankful for. Believe it or not, but there is someone out there, a being who watches and listens to everything we say and do and loves it when we come to him about everything; and that person is Jesus.

I’m not going to preach about him, nor am I going to get into any details about him but I just wanted to address the fact that he is a HUGE reason why I have accomplished so much in my life. Now….in regards to praying about what you want and praying about it, it isn’t a simple “hey God, I want a new watch, Amen”.


I believe that depending on the want that you are seeking would require a certain prayer. The deeper the prayer, the better the results. In addition, when you are praying about what you are seeking or wanting, you have to BELIEVE it in order for you to achieve it.

Now as I said before, praying is not one thing that you would need to do to get what you are looking for, but to work towards it. Simply asking and hoping that it will fall into your lap is not likely to work out. You may be lucky, but realistically…, it won’t work. Positive thinking, faith and confidence are three other factors which can drive anyone to reach their goals. I spoke to my fried the other day while he was driving roughly 120 mph on a slippery road (ICE WAS EVERYWHERE), and he told me to look into his glove compartment and take out those two cards in there and read it out aloud. I did as he had instructed and one of them said “If you have faith…nothing will be impossible to you”. I pulled out another one and it read “If God be for us, who can be against us?. Interestingly enough, as I read both cards, I felt calm….at ease….no fear came over me. Yeah the fact that he was going at a high speed and especially with the weather conditions you would think that it was suicide, but at that moment I believed that we were going to be alright. He said that before he leaves his home and he goes off to work, he reads those texts and believes that everything will be ok regardless. His thought process is once you fill your mind with positive thinking and you throw out all of those insecurities, your potential powers are set free. Your faith that you will achieve all things will begin and you will definitely start seeing results.

Lack of self-confidence is one of the greatest problems that people face today. Everywhere people are afraid, suffer on the inside, feel insecure about themselves and what they can accomplish. It’s a possibility that this could have been an issue since childhood.  They mistrust their ability to meet responsibilities and for some reason have this fear that if they try to do something, “it’s just not going to work out”.

We cannot have this negative energy, negative way of thinking rule your lives. It is essential that you need to come out of this rut and one way that one can do so is by evaluating yourself. Write down all of the values you have as an individual. Are you in good health, do you have a family that loves you, how is your integrity, how is your religious faith, list down all of the assets that you possess within yourself and read it back to yourself…you just may like what you have to see. From that point on, pray. You can speak to God as you would speak to your friend. Talk to him about all of the problems you have, all of the great things you have done,all of your accomplishments, what you desire, what you need help with and I GUARANTEE YOU, that by releasing it all daily, a change will come.Image

I just hope that if you do ever read this, just take under consideration that you can change….anyone can change. If you want something, yes go out there an strive for it through hard work, dedication and don’t ever forget that through the power of prayer, all things are possible.




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  1. Great post, keep up the inspirational work


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