Having sex with a horse to make horsemen babies

Just thinking about having sex with an animal, much less a horse is a sickening thought. You have to be crazy,demented, idiotic to even consider having sex with an animal much less a horse. Apparently, there are a lot and I mean A LOT of people who don’t think it’s a big deal. I’ve been told by a few individuals that they let their dogs lick chocolate or eat dog food from the crack of their ass, or from their shaft. Women let their dogs have sex with them or eat them out too. Apparently, its like a fetish for these sick minded individuals and to me it boggles my mind to determine what enables someone to want to have sex with an animal.

andrewmendozamugI read in an article the other day about a man named Andrew Mendoza, age 29 from Texas who had sex with his neighbors horse. Apparently, he was so horny one night and he was waiting for his girlfriend to come over, but because she didn’t show up, he went next door and had sex with his neighbors horse. The cops caught up with him and asked him what he was thinking; his only reply was “I was trying to make the horse have a baby,” He explained. “I was thinking it would have a horseman baby.” He added, “I ain’t going to lie, I blew a nut in the horse. I then got off the bucket and put my clothes back on and left. I promise that I have not been back over to the horse since that time.”

Spoken like a true nutjob. We later find out that this dirtbag has a criminal career which includes misdemeanors, child indecency, trespassing, etc. He ended up hanging himself in jail. If he had simply gotten the help he needed from a mental health counselor there probably could have been some hope for him….or probably not who knows, but definitely there is a deficiency and I just don’t see beastiality as something I would condone….I feel bad for the animal.

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