Get It Off Your Chest

ImageDon’t you find it annoying whenever you read your facebook timeline or the twitter statuses and you see someone ranting and raving about someone they don’t like or someone that did something to them, but because they lack the courage, the strength or the balls (per say) to be direct and let that person know how they feel. It’s almost as if they are talking to themselves.

I just don’t see the point of being indirect when I have something to say to someone because it defeats the purpose of getting my message across to that person. I’m not into the mystery games where I say something and everyone who sees what I am posting has to guess who I am talking to, like they say “if the shoe fits wear it”. That’s a bullshit saying if you ask me. It should be a matter of “getting it off your chest”. Don’t hold back, don’t speak in parables, don’t tell someone else about how you feel about the person you are talking about. There’s no room for gossiping for me and I can only speak for myself when I say that if I have a problem or someone has a problem with me, I would rather step to that person, like a face to face conversation so that there is no hold bars and let that person know how I feel. If it has to done via social network, then I will address that person directly and let that individual know what I don’t like about them, what I would like to see and what can be done to resolve this issue that I am having with them. Image

We need to cut out the sneak dissing. If you don’t know what that means, it’s a matter of talking about someone behind their back to other people. We need to start being direct. I feel that it’s a step towards being true to yourself.

Now I know people use these social networks as a way for them to vent, critique others that they follow or who are following them….you know those petty, insignificant individuals who you normally see on a day to day basis just talking shit all day long. These peasants are the bottom feed of the food chain,these are the ones that the general public actually laughs at and talks about them with each other and says things like “did you see that idiot Tanya posted up today? She was talking a whole lot….I wonder who she was talking about.”

Now I know someone is gonna say something dumb like “who cares, its not like its your business”. My response to that bottom feed would be simple: “anything you put up for the general public to see is now our business because its for all of us to see.”

My point behind this post is for to just be stay true. Have the heart to confront that person that you are having an issue with and address the fact that there is a problem and certain measures need to be taken in order for things to be straightened out.


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1 thought on “Get It Off Your Chest

  1. So true… great writing skills.


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