I gotta be honest with you who’s reading this post; I really didn’t expect to make it to the top ten WORLDWIDE. LOL! I am really excited to have been on the list and I wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for my supporters.  #1 Supporter of ALL TIMES is my #Cookie. From the beginning of my adventure in the music industry, she has been nothing but supportive to everything that I have put out and nothing pleases me more to have someone like that in my corner who’s continuously pushing me to strive to be better.  

Another influence would have to be Lex Nomoebull Maynetana from UNITED ZOOT NATION who has turned things into gear in this competition. Started off with problems, but ended with a start of a great relationship. Shoutout to Jay Mike from #Allusion who has also been a constant supporter through my start with this contest and the previous. There is no way I can forget Emily from out in Greece, Judy, Alisa, Gabriel Berman, , 1 Way Up Ent, Ace Spitz, Death Kut, Do It Big Records, The Real Block 100, I AM Freddy Ruga, 630 Nut, Black Martian, Al Bundy AND my boy Yusif.

#MuchLove and thanks goes out to all of you who showed love to help me get here. I got more work to do to get to the top, but I know with God I’ll get there. 


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