I’m Broke [Official Audio]


Have you ever been broke to the point where you can’t even afford to get to work? How about you don’t enough money to buy your family bread and butter?  Ever been in a situation where you have so many bills coming your way that you have no idea where you will find the money to pay for it all? Ever been homeless, living off the streets contemplating where you will get your next meal; whether that will be from the dumpster or from a shelter?

Now people will see someone who is on the streets pan handling and may ask “why doesn’t this guy/girl find a job?”. Now I felt the same way when I used to see them on the streets until I started to hang out with them downtown for several days and I became to understand why most of them were in that predicament. Believe it or not, but pan handling is actually what the homeless would consider their full time jobs. Some make from $200 – $500 DAILY out on the streets. Some actually do it as a part time job to pay their bills or even to support paying their rent.

Some of the individuals that I’ve encountered were in battered homes, scarred from bullying (go figure huh), came out of jail and tried to find work but was not given the same opportunities that you and I take advantage of, and the list goes on. Families upon families are out there in financial situations where things are gloomy every single day and this touched me.

I remember my days when I was struggling and vowed to do what I can to stay away far from it and to help those out there who don’t have. Out of my experience with the homeless, bonding with them and hearing their stories I decided to write about it with a combination of my life and the lives that effect others.

I hope you enjoy it and remember to try to help out those who do seek your help. Take time to be considerate about the people around you, especially if they’re are not you’re “normal” people of association.



Edmund DaGeneral

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