Disturbed (Help Me)



For the past several years, music has changed immensely.  The content that has been playing in the music industry, especially mainstream is pretty much about cars, clothes and hoes; but now, they’re talking about calling your boy “baby” / “lover” or saying that cross dressing is ok, wearing nail polish, men talking about their jewelry and boasting about it like they are women LOL!!! Like seriously??? I never thought I would like to see the day that men are loving jewelry more than women.


Now I personally am not about all of that crap, nor do I support it. What was once considered hip hop has now been watered down to pop music and men acting feminine. Its a damn shame is all I am saying, The way how the world is going, its not going to get better and hip hop will soon be filled with men who treat women like trash, men who don’t take care of their children, men who simply enjoy the company of other men but use a woman as their “beard”, men who will spread to the world that its ok to act feminine because they’re doing it……not me though….I’m not bout “that life”.



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