Unsettled Thoughts (By: Edmund DaGeneral)


Do you ever go through life wondering what may happen to you tomorrow? Have you ever evaluated yourself and come to terms that there is no way out of your situation? How about there are so many things going on through your life that it feels that everything bad is simply happening to you all at once?  These are what I call unsettling thoughts and it can be tragic to some when rough times fall upon them. Some people don’t really have anyone to turn to if they are in a position of hardship and pain; so for some they turn to drugs, alcohol and for others they resort to suicide. In times like these I find that people are really stressed out so they go out by suicide.

Here’s the link to the track or click on the picture above :


This track is no way shape or form condoning that, but it does speak out the thoughts that we all as individuals think about and go through on a day to day basis. I bring to you my unsettling thoughts….I know someone out there is going through or went through what I went through.



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