Late Night Creep – Sunday Night (Sex Tease)

LateNightCreep - Sunday Night

Late Night Creep – Sunday Night

What more can be said about this subject?

It is clear that there are many people who do “creep” on the low.

The question is why? WHY?

Is it embedded in people’s DNA?

Is this normal?


I spoke to a number of people who do “creep” on the low and they all said something in common; we as humans were put on this earth to dominate, rule, conquer and fulfill out every need and want. I was shocked by the first interviewer, but after the 5th person it was clear that this is something that everyone either has gone through with it or is headed down that path. This is alarming because we all want to be the “perfect couple” or have a “perfect relationship” without any interruptions.

The question is…..can you go throughout life without nibbling at any other fruit? I know I can…’s hard work thought.

Much Love,



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