I’m Out Of My Mind (I Won’t Show It…)

I’m Out Of My Mind (I Won’t Show It)

Everything that you will hear in this song was all created while being in the dark. I actually wrote this song while I was in the dark. No light was around me, but for some reason, the pen and the paper were able to come up with the content of this music.  Trust me, I didn’t believe it could have happened the way it did, but it was like something took control over my hands….weird sensation. After I turned back on the light, I couldn’t believe what I wrote that I had to test this experiment again and proceeded to record in the dark. Only glare was the monitor…….I had no control over myself what I made, but something in fact helped me achieve the levels that I put together in this masterpiece.


One of the most mysterious and uncontrollable music content that was put together. Hope you will be amazed as much I have.


Edmund DaGeneral

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