Good Black Family Shows Are Extinct

The era of black family shows that sculpted the lives of many are all gone. Nowadays, all I see is a lot of bullshit people shown on air. Its almost as if as the years go on, things have strayed away from having good morale, respect for your parents, family discussions, but one thing that I miss seeing was the togetherness.

Ill never forget Family Matters and how the Winslows would always come together as a family when they resolved tough issues. When any of their children did something wrong, both parents would come together and try to determine how they would punish the child accordingly. Even if the parents made too rash of a decision, they would address their fault as a family and ask for forgiveness them move on. Fresh Prince – seeing what the influence of what a family that has both mother and father involved can do to set a positive influence on a child’s life.


These are just prime examples of what is lacking in tv shows nowadays. Honestly – based on the shows I see all of the fundamentals that once were are all gone. Now family is used loosely to the point that it loses its meaning; like the word love. It loses its value so it would be considered damaged, not that meaningful anymore….well at least to me. I grew up in a family that contained my brothers; sisters and both my mother and father and the shows that I watched like the Cosby’s and Family Matters were shows I could relate to.

I know not everyone grew up with both of their parents, but you can’t tell me that they didn’t watch these shows and wished they had one. It was what we all strive for and if you didn’t have that, you made it your mission so that when you grew up, you would have a family of your own. I know it would be difficult for those who grew up in the streets because the only influence they had was from their peers; OG’s that they looked up to so that would replace those figures as their “father”. They wouldn’t be able to relate to the warmth of a father and a mother’s embrace because from the environment that they grew up in, people were cold so they would project that outwardly depending on the circumstances. Some people would be able to understand what I am talking and some would simply be lost.The_Fresh_Prince_of_Bel-Air_Cast


I just think it’s a damn shame that the agenda that “they” are pushing more and more is obviously geared away from family and more into self. Does that make sense? I should probably position it differently – The shows that are being put out are no longer based on being a family who is about what I mentioned earlier: togetherness, friendship, morale, etc – the shows that are now being put out are simply telling you that you don’t need a family and you can simply make it on your own, you don’t need anybody else.

We are living in a selfish world where nobody really cares that much anymore about anyone because it’s all for self and I get it – it’s all about what is trending, how many likes can I get, what can I do that’s stupid to get the attention of worldstar or instagram. We are lost ….wait – not me, YOU are lost sheep who are just trying to get in where you fit in lol. The Cosby show and Family Matters really stick out for me amongst the other black shows that were family oriented. I just wish they made those type of shows again because the youth nowadays are out of control (I sound like an old person lol), but it’s true. They are out of control. No guidance, no shows that have any substance to it, nothing that revolves around “The True Family” where both the mother and father are involved – being active in their children’s lives. Those days are dead and I just want them back that’s all. I just think the kids need it – especially the black children nowadays because all they’re gonna know how to do is twerk, get turnt up, drink, smoke, dabbin, mother probably going out every week religiously to the club and letting their mother watch the kids lol.

I’m laughing, but it hurts.






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