Embarrassed by Menstruation?

So not too long ago, I was sitting in the food court just minding my own business when I noticed from across the way a group of girls sitting and laughing while eating. They all stood up and were about to leave – all except for one girl who remained seated. She looked very…..embarrassed.  Her friends hadn’t noticed AT ALL and continued asking her to get up and go to some store close by but NOPE she remained seated and said “you guys go on up and i’ll meet up with you in a few; I need to make a phone call.” Obviously it was a lie, but the group didn’t seem to catch on and simply said ok and left her alone at the table.

periodI sat there patiently waiting to see what her next move was and observed that she was looking around to see if anyone is watching her or noticed her. She was obviously looking around fiercely and I couldn’t understand what she was looking around for, but then it hit me – she either shitted in her pants and doesn’t want anyone to notice the stain or she is on her period and she is probably leaking. I was right because when she stood up, I immediately noticed that between the crack of her ass was a fairly large red spot. She looked down at her chair and cupped her mouth with her hands and looked around frantically and proceeded to run towards the bathroom.

I couldn’t help but to walk to where she sat and see what was she looking at and to my amazement – I noticed a puddle of blood on the chair and all I could have done at that time was simply walk away. I had no idea of what I should have done. Should have I cleaned it up for her just so I can be a nice guy? HAIL NAH! That is just wrong….or is it? What would you have done?

I am convinced that a lot of women go through these issues or have gone through something similar to what had happened to that girl the other day. Now, if I was with a group of friends, I am sure that they would laugh altogether at her, adding salt on her wounds which wouldn’t make her feel any better than she already does.

mestruazioni_3Now I spoke to a few girls that I know who know me well and are always comfortable about talking to me about anything so when  I brought this situation to their attention they didn’t hesitate to tell me their horror stories. To my amazement, this is a universal issue that women have. The key from what I gathered is that you must always be packing – meaning, always have a tampon or pad close by in case situations like this arise. Changing the pad often is also something that women should be doing in order to prevent potential leakage. From what I understand that there are women who keep the pad or tampon on for hours after hours and rarely change it and when I heard about that, it goes to show you that as clean as the girl appears from the outside, you will never know how dirty she may be down below – not because of the fact on not frequently changing, but that alone goes to show you how she treats her body on a whole. You don’t want a women who is like that – I know I wouldn’t; haillll nahh. I just think women who think like that weren’t taught as a young child about the importance of cleanliness….my thoughts.

79641This may leave a handful of people uncomfortable to talk about – especially those old school women who say that they don’t feel comfortable discussing their age, but I believe the more you speak about something, the less awkward it becomes, the more comfortable the subject will become the less embarrassing it will become to women who go through it. So imagine, if it became something normal that when we see a woman who has a stain between the crack of her ass and we see her running to the bathroom, it wouldn’t be something to laugh about, but something that we should be able to understand and simply look at it as it is a normal thing and accidents do happen.










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