Cigarette Lover

I honestly don’t understand why this pestilence is still being sold to this day knowing it costs not only people’s lives, but the lives of animals as well as our planet earth . With the government knowing this and having the power to put a stop to this, but won’t tells you a ot about what is truly important in our country; our society. Will Canada set an example for the world to follow?lungcancer3

I wasn’t even going to address this at all because I’m speaking to the choir –  a subject that a lot of people would agree upon. It almost feels like a hopeless topic because many people have brought this up and no matter how long they screamed….nobody waslistening and even if they did, they simply didn’t care or were drowned out by the people coughing/dying  from the cigarette smoke LOL – all saying in unison “who cares, it’s our lives. If we chose to die this way, let us die” (idiots lol)

They’re right though; they have a choice to decide how they would like to die or suffer so who is anyone else to dictate to them what to do front what not to do. There’s a lot of stupid smart people who live among us so hey, I wouldn’t be able to nor would I want to convince someone like that what’s right from what’s wrong.

Bird_ButtIt was something that I read recently and didn’t even think about that made me want to talk about. Where do the cigarette butts go? I know I see people dispose  the butts into a cigarette garbage bin or normally just on the floor, but someone is cleaning up that mess and the question would still remain – where do the cigarette butts go? 

Alright so landfills (obviously right?), and those filters being thrown away contain properties that wouldn’t be capable of breaking down. So that means the inevitable; problems. Chemicals seeping into the soil to being washed away either by rain or storm drains which end up polluting both the water and wildlife.

It’s enough that people who are unfortunately suffering from sort of cancer caused by smoking are putting into a study that really hasn’t had a breakthrough on curing cancer entirely (my opinion of course), but the fact that there is no regards for the rest of us who have a voice and want to live in a world that is rid of this garbage; for those who don’t have a voice as in the animals who have no say who suffer from this is disgusting.

14-8148-ECIGJOSH-182They should just get rid of all of it and just move towards vapours because at least that would reduce the cigarette butt issue and cause less pollution to the earth because I really don’t see the government banning cigarettes – too much money in the industry to just put a stop to it….so why not just keep the cycle going….what a damn shame.




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