Darren Padilla

Has anyone been following up on 47 year old Darren Padilla ? You know…the guy who was charged with mischief because he was found hiding under an outhouse so he can watch women use the toilet? Disgusting right? Well he was found dead on March 7th (I guess I am too late with the information…ah well), but anyway I was actually surprised to find out that he died so quickly. It was just a few days ago when I saw this hit the papers and how the press were wondering how was it that he of all people with a background of possessing child pornography was capable of working for the TTC (Toronto Transit Commision).

I have to admit, to hear that a man with a record like this means that someone wasn’t doing their job, or it might have just “slipped under the table”; who knows. That is besides the point – this man has been on the run since this has been in the papers. Now the police claim that the death is not considered suspicious. I think that’s some GRADE-A BULLSHIT because I believe that someone out there who was very passionate about what they read, decided to initiate probably in the person’s eyes a justifiable homicide. It could be possible. I always hear people say that if they knew someone who raped little children that they’d do the world a favor and kill the person personally who was responsible for the act.

I honestly didn’t think he would end up dead and simply he would turn himself in and go through the judicial system where he would be spanked, put into solitary confinement for a month or so then back on the street again – probably not even end up in jail, but simply blame it on insanity and he’ll get away free. “We” already know how it goes when “they” do a crime – a little spanking and off they go. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the case for “us”….what a damn shame. The police claimed he was armed and dangerous….I don’t believe that for one minute; they should have came up with a better angle for this situation because that didn’t convince me one bit.

So the question is…was justice served?

Through his death, can we all feel at ease again?

Darren Padilla

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