50 Cent Chased Me Down

So I had this dream last night – I guess you can call it a nightmare. I was at my house and for some reason 50 cent popped up out of nowhere and drapped me up. Now that I think about it, I laugh because I he was looking up to me and I was looking down and I couldn’t understand why he was doing this. He was angry at me for some reason and said that I shouldn’t have said what I said. Now I am a 50 cent fan so for him to do this to me was shocking, but I apologized and backed up.
As imageoofmeI backed up, he stood in the corner of the room and soon he became invisible. I knew he was there in the corner of the room because he was muttering some nonsense I couldn’t understand. I walked away until I got to the garage and I bolted out the door. I ran down the street and I can feel him and someone else running behind me in the distance. I ran to a neighbouring house where there was a huge party. I saw they had their camper outside and my first instinct was to go on top and hide out, but stupid me, I didn’t follow my first instincts and ran behind it.
I peered from behind the camper and saw him and some other guy pestering 2 little boys – I guess they were asking if they saw me come across. They had no idea so both 50 cent and the guy picked up both of the kids and threw them to the ground. They were both walking towards where I was hiding so I went down low. 50 cent walked to the back of the truck; turned left then right. At that moment, I got up and socked him in the face, but he wasn’t fazed by it at all. I was shocked because my one hitter quitter never fails. At that moment he laughed and I blacked out.
I woke up and was angry because I thought to myself, if I didn’t move at all or make any noise, he would have gone bout his business and I wouldn’t have been caught.
For me, dreams mean a lot and there would be some sort of significance to it so I googled “dream of being chased” and found that I couldn’t be dealing with a form of stress or I can be avoiding some issues in my life. The recommendation that I’ve read suggests that I should turn to the chaser and ask “why are you chasing me” to get the answer from my subconsious.
I just thought it was weird that of all the people in the world, 50 cent was the one chasing me down. I didn’t even watch or listen to anything relating to him last night – I was watching Bad Santa 2 lol.



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