Clear Blue Skies (Remix) (Feat. Cineus)

This is seriously something that will last throughout the ages.  I considered a few people that I thought would have been suitable for a spot in this song and by far I am so happy that Cineus was on board with this. This man is truly a wizard,  beast, mastermind when it comes to the mic. He is what I consider a true MC and I don’t see a lot of them like that these days where you bring up a topic and not only stick to the script, but go can go beyond and paint you a clear picture of what it is he’s talking about. First time I heard this beat was from the Juggaknots album and I thought to myself “DAYUM, this beat is FIRE”. Shoutout to Breeze Brewin and the Juggaknot squad for this one.  Hopefully one day we can all link up and collab on another track of our choosing….dreams huh lol.

On a serious note much love and respect to everyone who actually took the time to listen to this song on all of the music feeds distributed all across the web and who messaged either Cineus or I about how they felt about the song. I just hope that you as the listener understood the message behind this track.

Always remember that rainy days don’t last forever. We always show and prove when we have nowhere else to go. Especially when we hit rock bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up.

Click here or the picture to listen to the song.

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