We’ve Been Cleaning Our Butt Wrong

We’ve Been Cleaning Our Butt Wrong

It appeara that we as a society have come a long long way. Interestingly enough, there is one thing out of the many that we lost sight of and it is how we do number 2 and how we clean it. In the video below you can see a demonstration of how we should go about doing so.

Now back to the subject at hand. I have came across individuals who have made it clear that once they complete doing number 2, they would use water and their hands which I felt was disgusting at the time.

Now I don’t know what you do in the privacy of your home, but when I finish doing number 2, I normallybuse toilet paper. I wipe until there is no black skids left then, wash my hands with soap and water then move on.

The proper way to wipe is from bottom up which avoids transferring bacteria feces to my private parts. The thing is, no matter how clean the toilet paper is, you still haven’t gotten everything out.

As a matter of fact, using toilet paper to wipe your ass is wrong….PERIOD!

What I adapted was each time I would take a dump, I would simply jump in the shower, but for those moments when you’re not in the comfort of your home, bottle of water would have to do. (BTW, I’m not like some people who practice this method who leave a mess in the bathroom. My belief is cleaniliness is next to Godliness)

What we should be investing in would be a bidet. You’re not only maintaining great hygiene, but you are also saving the planet as well. The United States use over 35 billion rolls of toilet paper every year and their production requires 1.7 trillion liters of water and 250 tons of chlorine, can you imagine?

All that water just for a piece of paper to wipe your butt. Stop wasting the water reserves, protect your behind and install a bidet in your toilet!



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1 thought on “We’ve Been Cleaning Our Butt Wrong

  1. Cleaning the buttocks is different for every culture. Some use leaves, others use paper. Some use their right hands, others their left. The most important thing is to keep it clean.


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