I Need A Quickie – Volume 7




1.   Jason Hylton – Only Live For You (Feat. Ty Brasel)

2.   Ceo – Function

3.   Honey B Sweet (Feat. Swift Slay) – Black Roses

4.   The Organization – Shut This Bit Down (Feat. Ceenyle)

5.   J-Star – It’s Nothing

6.   Trey Woodz – Bad Boy (Feat. Trapmigo)

7.   Edmund DaGeneral – ChopChop (The Prayer)

8.   Shor-T – Freak

9.   Profound – Out The Rain

10.  Levi YT – Say So Myself

11.  Marie Carter – Give It Up

12.  Trill God 6ix – Sorry Not Sorry (Tom Brady) (Feat. Cali Go Harder)

13.  Lucker Price – Lookin For Trouble

14.  Khalis Reign – Being Real

15.  Frank Bank – Lil minute

16.  Natureboyflare – Brighlin

17.  Tamba Tongu – Think About U

18.  Loove Moore – I’m Tucked

19.  YRR – These Hoes For Everybody



Message ineedaquickiemixtapes@gmail.com if you’re interested on being on the next mixtape.

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